Visitors, Volunteers & School Security

Safety of students and staff is our highest priority. We welcome visitors and volunteers. We ask that all of our visitors and volunteers sign in at the office when they enter the building. All visitors and volunteers must wear a badge while working in the building. 

Visitors will be asked to show identification so that we know you are a child's legal guardian or are a person listed by the family as a safe visitor or emergency contact for their child.

By Washington State law, all volunteers must complete the volunteer application form bi annually. In addition, all visitors and volunteers must wear a badge while working in the building. Anyone who wishes to volunteer for school activities, to work in classroom, or to chaperon field trips must submit the application by January 2018.

There are several visitor spaces in the front lot off of 16th Avenue SW; please use these for short-­term visits to the school (15 minutes or less). We ask that all other volunteers and visitors use the parking lot in the back of the building off of 19th Avenue SW. Please be aware of school buses and only enter through the entrance and leave through the exit (north of the lot), avoiding the bus lane. No one should drive through the north service lane at any time.