Gregory Heights Elementary School
16201 16th Avenue SW Burien, WA 98166

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Gregory Heights Elementary School
16201 16th Avenue SW Burien, WA 98166

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Personal Electronic Devices & Cell Phones

Gregory Heights Elementary recognizes that personal electronic devices and cell phones are a part of our way of life. We also recognize that the use of these devices is becoming increasingly interwoven into educational activities. As such, students and parents may use personal electronic devices, including cell phones, while on the Gregory Heights campus in promotion of the Highline Public Schools Promise: Every student is known by name, strength, and need and graduates prepared for the future they choose. School administration will retain the final authority in deciding when and how students may use personal electronic devices and cell phones on school grounds and during the school day. 

Students may not use cell phones or other personal electronic devices during school hours, except for educational use when approved by the teacher or principals. Students shall not take, possess, distribute or publish pictures, audio or video of staff or students without their permission. Distribution includes emailing, texting or showing to anyone. Publishing includes posting images, videos or audio, online or in print. To protect student privacy, cell phones or other mobile devices may not be used or seen at any time in restrooms, or any other location where there is an expectation of privacy. 

Any use of an electronic device while on school property or via district networks requires compliance with all expectations and policies indicated in this handbook. 

Unauthorized use of cell phones or other electronic devices during school hours may result in the device being confiscated, depending on the circumstances. Appropriate disciplinary action will follow. Students are responsible for protecting their own user IDs and passwords. The school will not assume responsibility if electronic devices are damaged, lost or stolen.