District Owned Technology Use

Use of the electronic resources provided by Highline Public Schools is an expectation and a privilege. Where they are available, these resources are offered to staff, students and other patrons. In order to maintain this privilege, end users agree to learn and comply with all of the provisions of these procedures. All use of the electronic resources must be in support of educational and research objectives consistent with the mission and objectives of Highline Public Schools. All use of the electronic resources must be in compliance with district policies, local, state and federal laws; thus allowing the school district to meet requirements (i.e., FCC CIPA compliance). District Policy No. 2022P outlines specific suitable and unacceptable uses for district technology. Please note, connection of a personal electronic device to the school network requires compliance with all expectations and policies indicated in this handbook. 

Gregory Heights Technology Usage Expectations: 

  • Treat devices with care and respect.
    • Use two hands when transporting devices.
    • Use keyboards properly--do not pull on or remove keys.
    • Use devices on a desk or table.
    • Do not eat or drink anything while using school devices.
  • Report malfunctioning technology to a teacher immediately.
  • When plugging in chargers, use caution to do so correctly to avoid wear and tear on charging cables.
  • When not in use, devices should be stored in locked technology carts.