2019-20 School Supply List

Individual Grade Supply List


Please label:
(1) full change of clothes, kept at school

For children not yet toilet trained:
Diapers and wipes


Backpack (labeled with your name)
(2-4) packs of Black broad tip Expo Dry-erase markers
(3) boxes of 24 count Crayola brand crayons
(1) spiral notebook
(24) #2 sharpened writing pencils (Ticonderoga only)
(10) Elmer's glue sticks
(1) Fiskar scissors
(1) box sandwich-size Ziploc baggies
(2) boxes gallon-size Ziploc bags
(3) boxes of Kleenex
(1) pkg. Broad tip Crayola markers, 10 colors
(2) pink erasers
(1) bottle hand sanitizer
(1) pkg. Lysol wipes or baby wipes
(1) watercolor set
(1) pair of computer headphones (not earbuds, labeled with your name)

1st Grade

Please label:
(1) pencil box
(1) pair of headphones (not earbuds)

Please DO NOT label:
(1) 16/24 count box of Crayola crayons
(1) set of watercolors
(24) #2 pencils (yello Ticonderoga, please)
(4) large pink erasers
(4-8) black Dry Erase markers
(1) box of markers
Colored pencils
(3) large glue sticks
(1) bottle of Elmer's glue
(2) durable plastic pocket folders
Post-it Notes (3x3)
(1) box of Kleenex
(1) roll of paper towels
(1) package non-perishable snacks

Hand sanitizer
Cleaning wipes

2nd Grade

(3) jumbo glue sticks
(1) Fiskar scissors (small pointed)
(2) Flair tip black markers
(5) plain-colored pocket folders
(4) packages Post-it notes (3x3)
(4) dozen pencils (Ticonderoga only)
(2) wide-ruled composition notebooks
(6) Black Expo wide dry erase markers
(1) box 24-count Crayola crayons
(2) boxes Kleenex

Hand sanitizer

3rd Grade

Backpack (labeled with your name)
Headphones (labeled with your name)
(4) glue sticks
(1) box of Crayola crayons
(1) large pink eraser
(3) dozen pencils (Ticonderoga only)
(5) black dry erase markers
(2) flair felt tip markers (black)
(1) box of Colored Pencils (12 count)
(1) Spiral notebook (wide-ruled 70 pages)
(1) composition notebook
(1) package wide-ruled notebook paper
(2) folders (1 red, 1 blue)
(1) box markers
(1) Fiskar scissors (small/medium pointed)
(1) package Post-it notes (3x3)
(2) boxes of Kleenex

Hand sanitizer
Cleaning wipes

4th Grade & Mr. Stahlke's 4/5 class

(2) glue sticks (no white glue)
(5) lined composition notebooks
(2) graph paper composition notebooks
(2) packages of college-ruled notebook paper
(4) dozen #2 pencils (Ticonderoga only)
(2) highlighters (yellow)
(1) 12-pack of colored pencils
(2) boxes of Kleenex
(2) black Sharpies
(4) folders with pockets
(6) dry erase markers
(1) pair of scissors

(1) pencil box
Wet wipes
Hand sanitizer
Mechanical pencils

5th Grade

(1) Pair Fiskar scissors
(1) large eraser or (1) package of pencil top erasers
(2) fine tip black flair pens for outlining/publishing
(1) ruler with inches and centimeters
(4) dry-erase markers (no fine tip, black only)
(4) dozen #2 pencils (Ticonderoga only)
(1) package 3-hole college-ruled notebook paper
(6) composition notebooks with lined paper (no spiral please)
(1) package 12-count colored pencils
(1) package Crayola wide-tip washable markers
(1) set of headphones or ear buds (preferably headphones)
(1) 1.5-2" 3-ring binder (heavy duty)
(1) package binder dividers
(1) pencil pouch
(1) personal pencil sharpener
(2) highlighters
(1) box of gallon Ziploc bags
(2) large boxes of tissues

Hand sanitizer